Sunday, April 12, 2009

Controversy over "Observe and Report"

The Huffington Post has a brief article about the new film Observe and Report and one of the film's cruder attempts at humor as Seth Rogan's character has sex with a high, intoxicated, and nearly passed out woman played by Anna Farris. The piece quotes Lindsay Beyerstein's take on the scene:
Rogen excels at a brand of awkwardness-based humor where much of the laughter is tension release. Which means that the scene fails on its own terms, unless you believe that an unconscious person can consent. Without the unexpected "evidence" of consent, it's just a rape scene. If you see the encounter as rape, Brandi's slurred semi-conscious interjection just seems piteous. It doesn't make anything "okay."
I will have a review of Observe and Report on next week's episode of Sounds of Cinema.

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