Friday, May 25, 2012

Rambo Episode to Re-Run May 27th

Tune into Sounds of Cinema on Memorial Day weekend for a rerun of the Rambo episode. Originally recorded to coincide with the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of Rambo: First Blood Part II, the program features music and commentary on all four films in the Rambo series.

Also, check out the essay “Why Rambo Matters” as an addendum to the episode. Here is an excerpt:
First Blood Part II didn’t win any Academy Awards; the Best Picture Oscar for films of 1985 went to Out of Africa. But First Blood Part II did take Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Picture, Actor, and Screenplay. With the amount of effort and emphasis placed on the Hollywood awards circuit, we would expect the Oscar winner to be enshrined in cultural immortality and the Razzie “winner” to sink into obscurity. But, twenty-five years later, nothing could be further from the truth. While Out of Africa enjoys a healthy level of popularity, it is First Blood Part II that is played as a part of marathons on American Movie Classics and other cable television channels. It is First Blood Part II that is referenced as recognizable parody (the surest sign of cultural influence) in Hot Shots Part Deux, UHF, and Son of Rambow. And it is First Blood Part II that continues to stir the emotions of its viewers, who vent their love or hatred of the film in online message boards.

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