Monday, May 4, 2009

Hindus Join Catholics in Protest Over "Angels and Demons"

From AHN:

The Hindus have joined in the Catholics' fight against the makers of the upcoming Dan Brown novel-adapted film "Angels & Demons."

The novel and film, which stars Tom Hanks and is directed by Ron Howard, revolve around the quest of symbologist Robert Langdon to unravel the mysteries of Illuminati. The story deals heavily on the conflict between science and religion, particularly with the Roman Catholic Church.

According to the statement made by Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, the filmmakers should have handled the subject more sensitively as cinema is a very powerful medium.

He stressed that films should entertain but not at the expense of ridiculing others' faith and spending disinformation. "Angels & Demons" and other such films bring more confusion and create stereotypes in the minds of some audiences.

As to why the Hindus are concerned with the film's subject when the movie deals with the Catholics, Zed said that despite the differences in their beliefs, they are all fellow seekers of the Ultimate Reality and are "all headed in the same direction." With that being said, they should help each other on that journey.

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